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AtTea SG 署茗職茶

Bubble Tea by Taiwanese singer & actor, Jam Hsiao. The Singapore staple with a special touch!

There is nothing more nostalgic and comforting than Bubble Tea – a simple after-school staple. However, with its popularity comes the constant increase in bubble tea shops popping up in every nook and cranny of Singapore.

This is where TMR Media’s marketing team comes in.

When we first took them on as a client, our strategists developed a monthly social media strategy detailing the posts and captions to be used for the next month based on their research of current social media trends for bubble tea shops. The people who engage with the posts have the potential to translate into real customers for your business.

@attea1987sg Hahaha just kidding, we actually get Oolong very well. ???????????????????? #attea1987 #attea1987sg #sgfoodies #sgfoodtrend #sgbbt #sgfoodtok #fyp #fypsg ♬ original sound

Once our strategists’ ideas were approved by our clients, they worked with our in-house designers and production team to design posts and shoot videos, which can vary in style depending on the product, intention of the post or current trends. When creating bright posts, we tried to incorporate AtTea’s signature orange colour mixed with light yellows, pinks and blues. On top of creating social media content for AtTea’s social media platforms, our strategists realised that KOLs would be the best way to get AtTea’s name out there onto the social media landscape. Thus, our team vetted through and hired micro and nano influencers to post about a specialty drink that was introduced during Christmas time. This allowed us to garner a larger reach on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.


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We don’t only focus on social media platforms because there’s a whole online world at our disposal. It’s no secret that people are spending a lot of time on their phones; on average we spend 6+ hours a day online. That’s why we also draw up press releases to highlight a business’ milestone.

In AtTea’s case, the founder Jam Hsiao came down to Singapore to celebrate its 2nd anniversary with a huge party for KOLs and fans of AtTea and Jam Hsiao. Our team put out a press release detailing the current products as well as the new products and merchandise AtTea had to offer. Through the article we were able to go in-depth, unlike on social media platforms where the name of the game is to keep it short and sweet.

Every business is different and what works for one business may not work for the other thus, if you would like to discuss the full potential of your business goals and our digital marketing strategies, Contact Us and we would be happy to have a sit down with you!