At Tea is a bubble tea business initially set up by well-known singer Jam Hsiao to create employment opportunities, especially during the challenging COVID-19 period. Currently, they have 3 outlets in Singapore, where the management team have been handling the marketing in-house. However they started seeking to outsource this role and explore more opportunities.

At tea is known to only use the most prestigious ingredients for their bubble tea products. Their dedication to providing only the finest quality is undeterred even as they enter an extremely competitive Singapore market. With the presence of several big local brands, the challenge was getting the local audience to recognize and consume the brand.

As digital marketing strategists, we discuss with clients what are the objectives of the brand. During our discussions, we diagnose any issues and concerns that the brand has, while identifying and executing the course of action towards their objectives.

We came up with a 1-year marketing planning strategy that fits into the client’s original calendar. We further enhanced the monthly posting on their social platforms, while suggesting new ways and campaigns to optimize and help the brand reach out to even more audiences.


Social Media

Our strategy is built around creating more engaging content, posts and campaigns to help educate the audience about the brand. In doing so, we aim to increase market shares and improve in-store sales.

We revamped the outlook of clients IG/ Fb and introduced the clients’ brand on Tik Tok. Throughout our management, we ensured all of their social media assets utilises the latest features that the platform offers.


After taking over the managing of their social media postings,
we achieved significant increases to the reach, page visits and new followings.

The content and postings we created also garnered good reach and engagement numbers
as compared to those done before.


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