Due to Brilliance d’étoile being new in the digital scene, it was important to first establish them on the various social media platforms, Facebook & Instagram. The lack of a substantial following at the start would result in low engagement rates.

We had provided Brilliance d’etoile with social media channels audit before we started putting our legs in creating textual and visual content. We also managed postings and campaign ads with a customised strategy and on-going optimization.


Content: Starting off right

At the start, Brilliant d’étoile only posted purely informational posts regarding their product. Our team came up with a monthly marketing strategy that touches on various aspects and types of content that embrace brand identity throughout each week, thus diversifying the content put out to better interest viewers.

We planted the seeds of what was to come to spark as much user engagement as possible. We enticed social media users to participate in a like & share campaign with the purpose of increasing engagement numbers and brand followings on both FB & IG. Having a better established presence on social media would be a great platform for them to increase their organic engagements and post views moving forward.


Ad Campaigns: Driving Engagement

We leveraged data to gain insights about the company’s target audience and adjusted the content strategy as well as Facebook Ads settings to better deliver the right message to the right audience. We devised specific ads that are tuned to target different demographics, based on language and location. This would be a great way to cater the content towards the different audiences that are available, such as Mandarin & English speaking targeting.



Within a month, our social media marketing efforts helped Brilliance d’etoile yield rapid results, with a significant upward surge in awareness and impressions soaring into thousands of clicks. The highly targeted content we generated helped the beauty brand deliver a strong message and voice to the right customers.

+ 1,700%


+ 244,000


+ 100%


+ 687,000


+ 6000%



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