ElonxTech is a young business with initially minimal brand awareness and a high number of competitors (e.g. Xiaomi, Anker, etc.). With that in mind, the brand challenged us to develop a marketing campaign that would differentiate them from the pool of competitors and make their brand name step into customer’s evoke mindset.

We, as digital marketing strategists, understood the specific need of the ElonxTech to stand out amongst its numerous competitors, and devised various courses of action through multiple channels for it to gain better customer visibility. Moreover, we also focused on moving past hooking viewers to look further into the brand, to drive online traffic, to gain their trust to improve customer conversion.

With digital leading the charge, TMR Media planned and executed strategies to extend ElonxTech’s reach across all channels at every relevant touchpoint, beginning with Social Media.


Social Media: Craft the right brand voice

To increase ElonxTech’s social media followers, we focused on social media tactics that have garnered the highest engagement, such as content optimization and advertising campaigns. We leveraged data to gain insights about the company’s target audience and adjusted the content strategy as well as Facebook Ads settings to better deliver the right message to the right audience.

Our social media team managed the content creation, scheduling and posting for ElonxTech’s Facebook and Instagram accounts with the purpose of revolving around their Unique Selling Points (USPs) and other aspects that helped the brand resonate with their target audiences.


Pay-per-click (PPC):

TMR Media also launched a pay-per-click marketing campaign to maximise ElonxTech’s online traction. The primary goal was to improve visibility and impressions while simultaneously directing traffic towards the brand’s target audiences. Our Paid Search experts implemented a website audit and keywords analysis to suggest the best PPC strategy customised for ElonxTech. The strategy involved reviewing campaigns on Google Ads campaign data, managing negative keywords, engaging ad copies and landing pages, as well as optimising bid strategies to drive growth in impressions and traffic.


Testimonials: Build up trust with a warranty campaign.

We know that the power of word-of-mouth marketing could help businesses leap ahead in their brand authenticity and trust. That’s why we suggested ElonxTech to conduct a warranty campaign to encourage people to leave Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews on the brand’s official accounts and in return, reviewers get an extension on their warranty period of ElonxTech products.



The promise of E-commerce is unignorable, especially for a B2C business like ElonxTech. With that in mind, we launched ElonxTech’s Shopee Mall to increase exposure and reach in the Singapore local market.
We had put many great ideas for new yet suitable features to improve on the seller-facing interface. Our team agreed that we wanted to design a Shopee Mall store with features that were not too loud and nor took up more screen real estate than actually needed.

We also leveraged on monthly Shopee campaigns for enhanced exposure to a larger audience-base and posted on Shopee Mall twice a week to talk up about the brand’s products.

Integrated Promotions: Trade-in Program & Point-Of-Sale

– Don’t let old tech go to waste.

To help ElonxTech stand out from the crowd and attract more customers, TMR Media came up with the trade-in and recycling program. It was designed to allow customers to swap their eligible devices for new ElonxTech products. The rationale of this program is to help the brand ride on its louder voice towards the environment problem to increase brand awareness and, thus sales.

We also leveraged on monthly Shopee campaigns for enhanced exposure to a larger audience base and posted on Shopee Mall twice a week to talk up about the brand’s products.

– Penetrating the local market.

We have also branched out to local shops to place ElonXTech products in, so that they can cater more to the local market and older audiences that are unable to shop online. With more than 22 local stores displaying ElonxTech products, this distribution strategy has been bringing us the fruit of our marketing efforts.



ElonxTech’s marketing campaign transformation enabled
them to reach new consumers and increase overall revenue.

+ 2000%


+ 90%


+ 1.37%

Conversion Rate

+ 4000%

Visitors to Shopee Mall Store

+ 11000%



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