Trium Fitness was greatly hit by the pandemic in the past 2 years.

Throughout this period, there wasn’t a clear marketing plan and vision implemented. This was due to their various social media platforms being managed by several independent instructors.

The lack of a clear defined marketing plan greatly affected the engagement and reach numbers of their posts.

As digital marketing strategists, we discuss with clients what are the objectives of the brand. During our discussions, we diagnose any issues and concerns that the brand has, while identifying and executing the course of action towards their objectives.

We work with our client to understand more about their memberships pricing and planned promotions to help with their sales. We brainstormed and worked toward designing a series of IG and FB postings to make their layout of social media appear more cohesive and on brand.

Our team pitched ideas on how to improve their studio space to increase business opportunities. Utilising their extensive list of contacts was our next agenda as we proceeded to design and send out EDM’s.

To facilitate their growing member base, we suggested creating a Telegram channel to post regular updates and announcements

Social Media

Our strategy is to create more synchronized designed postings, with better copywriting while incorporating a call to action to help boost their studio sales & membership sign ups.

As recommended by Facebook, the best practices include regular postings that is engaging and value add to increase followers organically.


After managing our social media account for 1 month, we successfully increase the reach, engagements, & followings. In addition, the owners were pleased to receive an over $60k increase in revenue for the month of March.


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