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How Did SEM/SEO Help Direct Cars Improve Their CTR and Conversions.

SEM/SEO – this might be a new concept to you or something you’ve heard time and time again. Either way there is a reason why these two marketing strategies are used hand in hand; what one lacks the other makes up for it, and vice versa, so together they form a full-proof strategy. Here’s a breakdown of how Direct Cars’ SEM/SEO strategy was able to get its clicks, impressions and conversions.

In the fast paced world of technology, SEM is able to provide for instant visibility as these combine the old-fashioned method of paid advertising with the contemporary platform of the Google Search Engine.

When Direct Cars approached TMR Media, we created Google Ads, Google Analytics and WebCeo accounts for them.

Google Ads

Through Google Ads, our search strategists were able to create targeted and visually appealing advertisements that pop-up on the Google Search page. We linked specific keywords relating to Direct Cars with the Ads that would appear. For example, whenever someone searches for “Car Dealership” through the Google Search Engine, a Direct Cars Ad will appear on the Search Results page. Depending on the strength of the Ad, it could show up on the first Results page or so forth.

This is an example of SEM, it gets Direct Cars name, brand and services out to potential customers immediately and allows them to discover the dealership easily.

Our team is also able to accurately track Ad performance metrics because of Google Ads’ detailed data. Our team then creates a monthly report based on the data collected as well as our search strategist’s recommendations to improve the Ads click through rate and conversions so that Direct Cars is able to allocate their advertising budget more effectively.

Google Analytics and WebCeo

When we seek in-depth SEO-related data such as website visitor demographics, organic search numbers, search results page data and competitor analysis, Google Analytics and WebCeo are great tools to provide such detailed information. Through these tools, our team has been able to identify areas for improvement on the Direct Cars website.

We wrote articles for and changed the headings and content on their website to include more popular keywords that potential customers search for when looking for car dealership services. This increases the visibility of Direct Cars’ website organically on Google Search pages.

The SEO method takes longer than SEM methods because you need constant strategic efforts based on studying past months’ performances and constant, ongoing optimisation which takes time. However, with persistent and focused efforts, the visibility resulting from SEO methods lasts for a longer period of time.

In addition, organic search results are viewed as more trustworthy than paid ad results by Google Search Engine users, with some users even skipping over ads to read through organic search results. Also with SEM you must have a steady and large budget, while SEO takes time and effort.

That’s why our team used both SEM/SEO to complement each other to create an all-encompassing digital marketing strategy for Direct Cars.

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