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How We Worked With SMAC BBQ – The Process of Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy

SMAC BBQ is an established Northeastern Chinese barbecue restaurant that has been serving both traditional and fusion cuisine to fit the Singaporean palate since 2017, and had a facebook account created that same year.

However, after almost 5 years of handling their own social media platforms they understood that there was still room for improvement, and approached our team at TMR Media to elevate their social media presence.

The First Step is simple; Get in touch with us. Let us know what you want from us and we can discuss the different packages that would be a perfect fit for the social media management you expect. If the rest of this article is too long then just Contact Us and let us lead you through the process.

When you meet our team, we will talk over your goals, expectations and trepidations to create the best possible social media marketing plan. As we take your content ideals into consideration, we will also advise you on the feasibility of your expectations and recommend other alternatives that would be more effective. Once everything has been confirmed in black and white, our team of strategists, graphic designers and/or production team begin to research and prepare for your campaign.

The Second Step: our project strategists will create a proposal deck filled with the drafts of posts, stories, reels, ads and other ideas for the upcoming month. Once our team receives your notes and then confirmation on the contents of the deck, we will go full steam ahead to create all the content for your ideal campaign. We take measures to have constant mutual contact with you, so we can keep you updated about our team’s progress on your campaign.

In SMAC BBQ’s case our strategists even went down to get a sense of the restaurant and their menu options. The production team were also able to film a reel at the same time; two birds, one stone.

The Third Step: the campaign is launched! We maintain and update your social media platforms with the approved and appropriate content confirmed in the proposal deck mentioned in Step 2. We schedule SMAC BBQ’s posts a week before they are supposed to be posted on Facebook and Instagram, so our strategists have enough time to work on the subsequent posts.

The Last Step: our monthly reports. Getting the content out onto the social media pages continuously month after month is great and a big step indeed but it would mean nothing if we didn’t analyse the data we receive about the posts’ reach and engagement. Our team also provides recommendations on how to improve ads, posts and reels for the next month.

If you’re interested in beginning your business’ journey through social media marketing write to us using our Contact Us form.