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Collaboration Campaigns

Collaboration Campaigns

Collaboration Campaigns are an increasingly popular way for businesses to leverage their brand and audience reach. TMR Media helps to partner your business with Singapore’s influencers/Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) allowing you to expand your online presence by expanding your reach and traffic to your website so your business can gain exposure to new audiences.

TMR Media has brought together and connected numerous local KOLs with our client, A_livehouse, a mando-/canto-themed bar with live bands and popular DJs, when they had just opened. We organised a food tasting event to present A_livehouse’s new menu items and invited many influential KOLs to the bar. Along with KOLs and our other marketing efforts such as creating visually stunning static posts for social media we were able to effectively promote the bar’s offerings resulting in the bar reaching its maximum capacity of 200 people. The event generated significant buzz on social media, with KOLs sharing photos and positive reviews.


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These Collaboration Campaigns are also a great opportunity to create excitement among their respective audiences. By working together, slowly but surely, your social media platforms’ increased engagement, such as likes, shares, and comments, can help boost brand awareness and loyalty. For example, our marketing strategy for AtTea, a Taiwan-based bubble tea company founded by Taiwanese Singer Jam Hsiao, involved us approaching and liaising with KOLs to tap into their large viewership counts as a form of brand awareness outreach. One of our promotional campaigns single-handedly reached over 200,000 views across multiple social media platforms.


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To keep it short and simple: you don’t want to align yourself with anyone who might give your brand a bad rep. At TMR Media we thoroughly research KOL’s/influencer’s on the internet, find out their offline reputations through our industry connections and speak to them through an interview-like process before recommending them to our clients. 

If you are going to do it yourself, make sure you do a deep dive on all their social media platforms along with any other type of information to guarantee yourself safe and not in the middle of an accidental PR nightmare.

Think to yourself “Does this KOL/influencer have/post content that is similar to the product or service I sell?” or “Is this KOL/influencer mainly followed by people who are similar to my target audience?” 

If you want to learn more click “Contact Us” on the drop down menu and we would love to discuss if KOLs/influencer marketing is right for you!

KOLs/influencers can advertise products and services through many outlets such as:

  1. traditional advertising; 
  2. offline events (e.g. a new product unveiling event); or
  3. social media content marketing (e.g. a social media story or post reviewing or simply mentioning the product or service, etc.).