The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)

The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) was created to assist Singapore companies to expand and reshape themselves. It supports companies who want to upgrade their business, innovate or venture overseas, under the three pillars: Core Capabilities, Innovation and Productivity, and Market Access.

Companies are able to receive up to 70% funding for SMEs and 50% funding for non-SMEs from 1 April 2022 onwards. Retail Sectors and Food Services are able to get up to 80% funding.


How do you know if you are eligible for the grant?

Your company:

  1. Is a business entity registered and operating in Singapore
  2. Has at least 30% local shareholding
  3. Be in a financially viable position to start and complete the project

There is more!
Employers eligible for the SkillsFuture Enterprise Credits (SFEC) can also qualify for additional subsidies up to $10,000 under the scheme.


So, how can we help you?

We qualify under the pillar of Core Capabilities, especially under Strategic Brand and Marketing Development as EDG certified consultants.

As an EDG marketing consultant, we save you the time whilst bettering your company’s ability to capture target audiences and markets; doing so by helping you stand out amongst your competitors! We will help you check your eligibility for the business grant and ensure that your business development grant application goes through smoothly.


What can we deliver?


1. Assessment of Current Brand and Marketing Strategies

As an EDG marketing consultant, we can help you identify the current strengths and weaknesses of the current brand identity through the analysis of feedback on the branding and marketing collaterals’ effectiveness. Our deliverables for this would be:

  • Understanding the brand audit
  • Brand audit framework
  • Brand strategy audit
  • Assessment on current marketing collaterals
  • Analysing current marketing strategy of your brand
  • Understanding your company’s marketing mix


2. Analysis on Target Audience, Competitors and Survey

Before you can push your brand to the forefront in both the national and international marketplace, you have to know where your competitors stand and where they lack so as to give your brand a clear competitive edge. Staff and customer feedback are crucial to ensuring that a brand is successfully conveying their mission and vision. Our deliverables for this would be:

  • Understanding the market gap analysis
  • Identifying your target audience
  • Market research to understand your targeted client
  • Customer Journey Map
  • Survey with employee, management and customers
  • Understand your competitors
  • SWOT Analysis between you and your competitors
  • Current positioning in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


3. New Brand Strategy Development

As a part of EDG Brand Marketing, we are here to help you tell a brand story with a cohesive strategy that follows in line with the company’s objectives and its desired direction. Our deliverables for this would be:

  • Understanding the Brand Strategy
  • Brand Story
  • Brand Mission & Vision
  • Brand Tagline
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Voice & Tone
  • Brand Core Values
  • The Company’s Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Promise
  • The New Identity
  • Brand Colour Palette


4. Recommendations and Implementations Guidelines for New Strategy

With the Strategic Brand and Marketing Development Grant, we are to help you develop a marketing strategy that will take your brand to an optimal level, both nationally and internationally. Our deliverables would be:

  • Understand the Marketing Strategy
  • Local marketing Strategy and Recommended Guideline
  • Global Marketing Strategy and Recommended Guidelines
  • Structured Marketing Timeline (Follow the activation activities)


5. New Marketing Collaterals Development

Your audience shop with their eyes, and for most digital elements of your brand, you only have 15 seconds to hook them before you lose them. As a part of an EDG branding and marketing project, we can help you create brand visuals that align seamlessly in your refreshed marketing collaterals. Our deliverables for this would be:

  • Email Direct Mailer (EDM)
  • Email Signature
  • Envelope
  • Invoice
  • Marketing Kit
  • Name card
  • Letterhead
  • Social Media
  • Uniform
  • Vehicle
  • Video Call Virtual Background
  • Website


6. New Brand and Marketing Adaptation Training

The backbone of every company is its staff, which is why we conduct training sessions to ensure that all are inline with the new brand identity and elements; with a capability to efficiently use them. Our deliverables for this would be:

  • Summary of the project
  • Challenges which you have faced
  • The findings, analysis and audits
  • New brand strategy
  • New brand guidelines
  • New marketing kit
  • New marketing strategy and recommendations
  • Next course of action


As an EDG marketing consultant, we also provide insights for you to keep track of your company’s position in the marketplace to ensure that you are always ranking above your competitors.

So if you are in need of Web Design & Development, SEM/SEO, Social Media Management and Advertising then look no further! With our highly-skilled team providing top quality services, the sky will not even be the limit for your brand!

- June 3, 2019

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