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On the surface video production may come across as simple video-taking but when done right, production tells a story of your brand, evokes emotion from the viewer and makes connections over various demographics all while showcasing a product or service.

@rave.karaoke ????A Life in Karaoke (with My Bestie)???? We’re not asking you to Wes Anderson-ify your life but if you were going to, do it with a friend and do it at RAVE ???? #fyp #tiktoksg #xyzbca #trend #ravekaraoke #sgentertainment #ktvsg #wesanderson #wesandersonfilm #wesandersontrend #accidentallywesanderson ♬ Wes Anderson-esque Cute Acoustic – Kenji Ueda

Video production has become an increasingly important tool for businesses looking to connect with their audience and drive engagement. All the way back when there was a change from paper ads to TV ads, to the recent changes of static photos on Facebook to the popular video shorts and “Reels” seen on popular social media platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram and YouTube. This is because videos are more efficient in getting potential customers to engage with your products or services.

That is why many brands turn to TMR Media, and we help them to create engaging, trendy content. Our amazing in-house production team are creatives who have created videos for brands including RAVE Karaoke, AtTea SG, The Iris City Plaza (the wedding event space), Spaceweiss (the furniture company) and A_Livehouse (the mando-/canto-themed bar with live bands). Our dedicated production team carry out both the shooting and editing of video content based on the vision of our clients. They constantly keep in touch with clients to ensure that the end product meets their expectations while at the same time advising them about the latest trends and aesthetics that do well on social media platforms. The more “share-able” a post, the greater the reach and influence it possesses.

@attea1987sg Here’s a quick look at what happened at At Tea’s 2nd Anniversary ???? Do-nut miss out on our brand new Donut Rabbit Drink series at an At Tea Outlet near you! #thedakashow #jamhsiao #atteasingapore #donutrabbitdrinks #starawards2023 #jamhsiaofanclub #attea1987 #attea1987sg #2ndAnniversary ♬ Dance Monkey – 蕭敬騰


Although they are both interconnected, Production usually refers to creating concepts through the use of videos, animations and even audio (radio channels for example) and Graphic design focuses on the visual aspects of branding and communicating information. 

Our production team also carries out script writing/storyboarding, filming and editing (including sound design). Our designers on the other hand, create visuals including logos, illustrations and layouts usually for social media posts and also collaborate with our copywriters to be able to better reflect a company’s brand identity through posts.

At the beginning, we need you to provide information about the project and the expectations you have in regard to the end product. As the project progresses along we will need your feedback and approvals at various stages until it is completed.

TMR Media works closely with clients to understand their vision, goals, and brand. We constantly ensure communicate with our clients to ensure that the final product meets our clients’ expectations and aligns with their overall marketing and branding strategy.

Yes, at TMR Media, we also assist with strategies to increase/maximise reach and engagement through social media platforms, paid advertising and content/keyword optimisation. 

This “all-in” approach means that we are there all the way to ensure that the produced content reaches the intended audience and increases engagement thus bringing in potential customers.