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TMR Media started working with Exotic Office Solutions (“Exotic”), a provider of a large variety of photocopier and printer rental and maintenance services, in December 2021. Exotic has had their doors opened since 2013 and caters to workplaces and offices, so by the time they approached us they were well established but wanted to attract more clients from their target audience while increasing their brand awareness to set themselves apart from their competitors.

Exotic doesn’t only provide photocopier rental services but provides its clients with prompt, reliable maintenance services that are a part of the rental packages. They also provide a large number of copier brand options and are an authorised channel partner of Lexmark.

Our project strategists knew that they had to approach Exotic’s Facebook page differently as they would most of our other clients because of Exotic’s professional image and target audience. Therefore, instead of usual bright vibrant colours our project strategist worked with our designers to use Exotic’s brand colours, dynamic graphics and gifs.

We also have informative, “did you know”-like posts to bring in more viewers as this piques the curiosity of social media users, prompting them to engage with Exotic’s post. Secondly, these posts are able to display Exotic’s knowledge on printers and photocopiers, so that they come off as knowledgeable and trustworthy.

In addition to Social Media Management, we helped Exotic with their SEM/SEO strategy.

In regard to their SEM, our search strategists began researching the most popular search terms in regard to Exotic’s industry. The popular keywords that had low CPAs were added and used in Exotic’s Ad Headlines and Descriptions. These Ads provide an increased visibility beyond the reach of social media platforms allowing Exotic to reach the right audience at the most opportune time like when they’re searching for photocopier rentals.

When our web developer revamped Exotic’s website to make it easier to navigate, Our search strategists came up with articles and write-ups to implement their SEO strategy. These articles contain popular keywords and were added to Exotic’s website to boost their organic search numbers. After reviewing the organic search stats and the performance of those articles our search strategists will collate a new list of keywords and write articles based on them. SEO is known to take time to show results but in the long run this is a more full-proof and budget-friendly method to employ.

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